KCD Style boards

KCD Style Boards offer a room-by-room approach with just the right amount of hand-holding, so you can maintain a sense of ownership over your project and can work on your own timeline. Through e-design and our sourcing programs, we are able to assist clients who live outside of Richmond, Virginia as well. If you are located in the Richmond metro area, we also offer more comprehensive design services. 

What is included with a KCD Style Board? 

Digital Style Board + 2 rounds of edits + to-scale floor plan + detailed shopping list 


How it Works:

1. Decide which room you’d like to start with

2. Fill out our online Questionaire

3. Send us photos & measurements of your space and any pieces you’d like to keep. 

4. After you’ve completed the Questionnaire, we'll follow up with any questions, confirm your payment and then we’ll get started! 

5. Receive your KCD Style Boards, Floorplan & Shopping List 

6. Not loving our rug selection? Want to see more accessory options? Up to two rounds of revisions are included 

7. We’ll arrange any to the trade shopping, vendor meetings, etc. and check in for site visits (whenever possible if local to RVA) 

Do you have a larger-scale renovation or addition project that needs managing from start to finish? Local to RVA and interested in learning more about our comprehensive design services? We can help! Contact us to discuss.